It’s Raining Women


Photographic exhibits by Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy have rapidly become treasured events here in Caledon, after the success of her Exotic Men of Caledon exhibit. Considering the excellent reviews and crowds she received both for that show and a “Greatest Hits” follow up at the Whitehorn Library in Victoria City, I am sure no one will be surprised by the theme of her new exhibit.

The Exotic Women of Caledon exhibit has opened at the Gallery Tamrannoch, promising even more of what pleased the crowd in the earlier show, but now focusing on the fairer flowers of Caledon, our realm’s greatest treasures…however, for all the beauty of the women and the artistry of the photographs, the show was not without frustrations for yours truly.

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Feast of Fools


The following is reposted as a public service.

Branch opening, Exhibit, and Carnival Masquerade
January 5th, 2008
12-6pm SLT
HG Wells Memorial Branch Library,
Caledon Wellsian

The Caledon Library announces two gala events to mark the opening of its newest branch,
the H. G. Wells. Memorial Library in Caledon Wellsian.  A masked street party on January
5 will celebrate the opening of the Library and its inaugural exhibit on the New Orleans

Voyages to Imagination:  A Carnival Masquerade

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A Year in Mayfair


It is hard to believe it has now been more then a year since Mayfair was born. It seems like just yesterday when the sequence of events began that caused us to trade our Caledon Moors winter home and our large mainland estate for a sizable piece of this brand new “upper class” Sim coming to Caledon. In fact, it was going to be the first of the Mark 5 Servers to grace our fair nation.

Yes, it has been quite an adventure since then. Let me refill my pipe, pour myself another martini and tell you children alllllll about it.

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Library Cards


I tend to pride myself on the fact that there is very little in Caledon that I do not know, or have photos of. However, there seem to be many fascinating areas that I have been woefully uninformed about. First and foremost of these areas about which I require education is the Caledon Library.

In conversation with a dear friend I made allusion to the fact that the Library was a very clever role playing conceit, and was then informed in no uncertain terms that I was quite mistaken. The Caledon Library, according to this friend, is a vital, complex and essential working library serving us all in ways most do not understand. To call it a role playing conceit betrayed my ignorance.

Feeling at a loss, I set out in a quest to find out more about this mysterious library.

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The Best Butter…


Continuing the high successful series of Book Discussions, the Caledon Library recently sponsored a mad tea party in Victoria City in honor of the works of Lewis Carrol.

As could be expected when the heart and soul of the Caledon Library, Sir JJ “Mad Hatter” Drinkwater pours the tea, a glittering array of Caledonian aristocrats, eccentrics and exiles were on hand  to discuss just what being on the other side of the looking glass is all about.

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Heavy Mystery Time


We of the modern era have a tendency to believe we have all the answers, that there are no riddles left to solve. We have mastered the air, the sea, even space. Nothing remains hidden from us.

Of course, that is a load of hooey. Deep inside we all realize we know practically nothing, as we tremble at what may lurk in the darkness under our beds or in the depths of our own imagination. In fact, there are any number of mysteries that have bedeviled us for years and years…and show no sign of being solved any time soon.

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Victorianas Oscuras


I will freely admit that when I was first invited to join the then newly formed Dark Victorians group, headed by Miss Violet Schnabel, Dame Lapin Paris and Miss Eladrienne Laval, I did not expect it to come to much. Perhaps an event or two, with Caledonians wearing spikey shoulder pads and putting on poor Transylvanian accents, but not much more. Another silent, dormant group taking up one of my precious 25 slots.

Happily, that has not been the case, I have found that the Dark Victorians have tended to stage well thought-out, interesting events true to being both Dark and Victorian without falling into the trite or stereotypical. A perfect example has just opened in Tanglewood at the Bunneh Hutch, where the Dark Victorians have created a small display highlighting both Caledonian and traditional artwork touching upon The Day of the Dead celebrations typical to Latin cultures.

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Back from The Ball


Well, The BardHaven Ball is History…and what a History it was too.

The party went on for four hours, at times more then 40 people were stomping about my family burial ground, trying to wake the dead…some even succeeded.

Truly, it was the stuff of Legend.

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“The Ball” is COMING


One of the highlights of the Halloween season is just a week away…yes the traditional BardHaven Ball will be taking place on Saturday night, the 27th of October at 10 PM SLT.

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Absinthe Falling


In the midst of the weekend a celebration was held in Winterfell Undertow to commemorate a milestone in Metaverse History. Namely, the one year anniversary of the founding of the first Winterfell Sim.

As could be expected, the Senschal Serra Anansi, Dark Lady of Winterfell held court at the gala dance, during which she had several exciting announcements for Winterfallen and Caledonians alike.

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October Beckons…


The first chills of Halloween can be felt behind the wind, and so it is time for yours truly, The Dread Baron, to begin seeking out the macabre and unusual for your nightmarish reflections in beloved Caledon.

I begin with the work of a fine and decidedly insane Steampunk Master of the Macabre, the artist Alex cf. He has created many impressive artworks that illustrate the darker side of steampunk and the Neo-Victorian aesthetic, and he has out done himself with what I present for your pleasure today…

Behold…the Bio Aetheric Laboratory!

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A Moment of Silence

Another of my heroes has left the stage. Marcel Marceau was the first famous performer I ever saw live. I remember it vividly since it was also my first trip to the downtown Civic Theatre. As awed as I was by the surrounding and the “grown up” situation, I was still transfixed by Marceau’s craft.

Mimes are held up for mockery and derision these days (and my god, considering what passes as pantomime these days who can blame you) but Marcel Marceau was something so far beyond the street corner clown.

He was an artist, and artists never truly die.

Alivah Shulum, Adon.

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Another Harbinger of the Apocalypse


At this point, nearly everyone with an email account has encountered the strange phenomenon of the LOLCats. Yes, those pictures of cute little animals with nonsensical, sarcastic “‘faux leet speak” captions have swept the globe several times over…and even I admit to smiling at a few of them.

This internet fad, disturbing as it is, doesn’t hold a candle to the fear and horror inspired by a slight variation on it which I recently discovered. Yes, the fuzzy kittens of the LOLCats have been replaced with something much darker that inspires insanity in the weak minded and smells like tuna.

I have the dubuious honor to present to you…LOLthulhu.

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Idle Chat


It is with a great deal of concern that I have been noticing a troubling tendency of late within Caledon, one which I find to be highly destructive. Thankfully, it rarely occurs with malicious intent in our fair Caledon, but in some ways, the fact that by and large it’s damage is dispensed accidentally and carelessly makes it all the worse.

I speak, of course, of the sharing of private, real life information, both concerning ourselves and others. This practice is a bane throughout the Multiverse, especially in a place founded on polite respect as Caledon is.

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Fugue in Gold and Sienna


The leaves are barely changing and the youngsters have but recently been recaptured and forced back to their lessons but already the Harvest season in our polite little corner of the Metaverse is in fine fettle.

Yesterday I and my darling Kirawill were pleased to be called to our sister Sim of Steelhead, where my ward kiralette keeps house with her swain Mr. Abel to attend a tea in honor of the new season aborning. As befits such an event, the area near Steelhead’s famed Kokopelli Stage was awash in the colors of Fall.

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