Signs of Caledon


More and more these days, clear and concise communications are essential during social interaction. Often times, textual or voice chat are simply not enough to make a point, or to inform a friend of essential information.

What then shall we do?

Well, make hand gestures of course! Young men belonging to private social clubs have been using such symbols for ages, and I recently found a lexicon for such signs, as well as the versions created for individuals of a more geekish persuasion.

Why they, I thought does Caledon not have such a lexicon of essential signs? Therefore, I created one.

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Just Say No, NOT

Stepping back from the world of Caledon and Second Life in general for a moment, I feel a shoutout must be made regarding a real world issue with long range impact on all of our lives and families.

An authoritative study has finally been released regarding the long standing US policy to discourage comprehensive practical sex education in schools in favor of urging abstinence to teenagers or simply offering no sex ed AT ALL. The belief is that if students are given knowledge about responsible sexuality they were more likely to have sex, whereas keeping the entire concept hushhush would act as a deterrent. The policy has now been around long enough that researchers can state if the abstinence only/no sex ed approaches have been having the desired effect.

Anyone care to guess how that has been working out for them?

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Comedy Chic


I make no apologies for the fact that I will from time to time use these pages to offer my devoted readers profiles of individuals that I find especially noteworthy or interesting. In truth, I find my tastes (if they can be called that) are often shared by at least a fair percentage of my fellow Caledonians.

Therefore in that vein I offer the following excellent look at one of my favorite comedians and people, Mr. Eddie Izzard.

If you don’t like it, get your own blog.

So there.

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Leasing Women for Charity


Time certainly flies online, and it seems to fly a bit faster in Second Life then it does elsewhere…assuming of course a runaway freight train flies. Therefore, the Relay for Life is upon us once again.

Under the earnest guidance of Dame Lapin Paris, last year’s Caledon RFL effort exceeded 1 Million Linden, and this years effort headed by new Captain Erasmus Margulis, is aiming to raise 3 Million for the American Cancer Society. That effort is starting with a very interesting event (coordinated by Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy) on March 22, from 2 pm to 5 pm SLT in the Sim Amiaguas Mauritius, in which some of the most beautiful women of Caledon show you EXACTLY what money can buy.

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Bored Lucky


Some weeks ago I posted an article here which related how in many situations melancholia is the gateway to creativity. Well, it seems that another much maligned human condition may also be the bridge to accomplishment…boredom.

Especially today I find myself treasuring quiet and solitude, the slow even measures of my own mind. Some call this boredom, but like the author of this article, I have always understood those moments to be chances to reflect and remember, to review new associations and old traditions.

This article gives me hope.

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The Scent of Lurve


One day long before I found myself dropped, mewling and spitting, on Caledon‘s fabled shores, I was having a conversation in a club of questionable repute with several random individuals. Unsurprisingly, the discussion found it’s way to sex, and the question of what was missing from sex in SL was put to the group. Of course one relative newbie answered “everything“, and I responded with “tone“, but another individual responded “smell“.

At the time this generated a chorus of LOLs, but it is a response that has stayed with me. We often times forget the vast array of senses we use in real world encounters, sexual and otherwise. It makes sense that those senses that are mute in Second Life would play a role in the way sexuality here has adapted. In fact, fascinating new research has begun to shed light on just how important the sense of smell is in terms of attraction.

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Mighty King Lud


There are few things I hate more then using a word incorrectly, or not fully understanding the implications and meanings of a term I use. Little did I know that one of my favorite and most venomous insults, Luddite, had so many nuances I did not appreciate.

I certainly knew the basics, that is that the Luddite movement was anti-technology, opposing farm automation and the resulting unemployment in the last century…however that is just the tip of the iceberg and not entirely accurate. Thankfully, I have now been properly educated and set straight, and I intend to share that education with all of you.

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