Signs of Caledon


More and more these days, clear and concise communications are essential during social interaction. Often times, textual or voice chat are simply not enough to make a point, or to inform a friend of essential information.

What then shall we do?

Well, make hand gestures of course! Young men belonging to private social clubs have been using such symbols for ages, and I recently found a lexicon for such signs, as well as the versions created for individuals of a more geekish persuasion.

Why they, I thought does Caledon not have such a lexicon of essential signs? Therefore, I created one.

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Leasing Women for Charity


Time certainly flies online, and it seems to fly a bit faster in Second Life then it does elsewhere…assuming of course a runaway freight train flies. Therefore, the Relay for Life is upon us once again.

Under the earnest guidance of Dame Lapin Paris, last year’s Caledon RFL effort exceeded 1 Million Linden, and this years effort headed by new Captain Erasmus Margulis, is aiming to raise 3 Million for the American Cancer Society. That effort is starting with a very interesting event (coordinated by Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy) on March 22, from 2 pm to 5 pm SLT in the Sim Amiaguas Mauritius, in which some of the most beautiful women of Caledon show you EXACTLY what money can buy.

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Caledon at Two – Part One


Two years have come and gone…and what a long strange trip it has been.

Over the last several days there have been simply scads of events all over Caledon to celebrate this august occasion, many run or coordinated by Duchess Gabrielle Riel and her crack team of Shield Maidens and raving ninja smurfs. Of course, the centerpiece has been the full day of Grand Balls of the Roses held at Castle Cymru and jointly DJed by Radio Riel and the CIB. Viva Cooperation!

In a post to come, I will have some self-important, naval gazing ruminations about what this anniversary means to Caledon…but in this post..PICTURES!

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Mighty King Lud


There are few things I hate more then using a word incorrectly, or not fully understanding the implications and meanings of a term I use. Little did I know that one of my favorite and most venomous insults, Luddite, had so many nuances I did not appreciate.

I certainly knew the basics, that is that the Luddite movement was anti-technology, opposing farm automation and the resulting unemployment in the last century…however that is just the tip of the iceberg and not entirely accurate. Thankfully, I have now been properly educated and set straight, and I intend to share that education with all of you.

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Come and Gogh


In my 2+ years in Second Life, I have seen many beautiful builds and a whole lot of mediocre or lousy ones. However, recently my dear Kirawill took me to see a Sim that stands head and shoulders above anything else I have ever seen in the Metaverse.

Simply put, it has been days since our outing and I am still in total awe of the hard work and artistry that went into creating Virtual Starry Night.

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Survival of the Hottest


Now that Valentine’s is here, many erstwhile swains find their pursuit of fair lady moves from the high minded romantic to more..earthy pleasures on the big day, and night itself. After all, once the flowers and the candy and the poetry and the wooing have done the trick…what comes next?

Thankfully scientists have labored tirelessly to tell us just that. Yes, they continue to unlock secrets we never knew we didn’t know about sex and the male sex organ, and if we had known we didn’t know them, we likely wouldn’t have wanted anyone to change that condition. Too late for that now! Prepare to gain new found respect for the humble penis and it’s role in keeping all these adulterous women in line, or at least out of paternity suits!

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It’s Raining Women


Photographic exhibits by Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy have rapidly become treasured events here in Caledon, after the success of her Exotic Men of Caledon exhibit. Considering the excellent reviews and crowds she received both for that show and a “Greatest Hits” follow up at the Whitehorn Library in Victoria City, I am sure no one will be surprised by the theme of her new exhibit.

The Exotic Women of Caledon exhibit has opened at the Gallery Tamrannoch, promising even more of what pleased the crowd in the earlier show, but now focusing on the fairer flowers of Caledon, our realm’s greatest treasures…however, for all the beauty of the women and the artistry of the photographs, the show was not without frustrations for yours truly.

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