Still More Words to Live By

When in doubt, recite this to yourself 20 times fast…God knows I do.


A Song for Spring

One of my personal gods…singing the song of the day.


A History of Sexy


I have often commented here on the amazing arrogance of modern society. We are taught a contempt for the past from an early age, or perhaps that is just human nature. I remember distinctly being certain as a child that color didn’t exist in the past, and that the world of history had been in black and white. Convincing me otherwise was something of a chore.

In the same way, we tend to think that the things which give our lives color, such as sex, either didn’t exist in the past or were a sad shadow of their modern glory. That is especially true when we think of the attitudes of our female ancestors to sex…they must have been repressed, cold, trapped in a web of superstition and repression and fear before modern birth control, Cosmo and Hello Kitty vibrators set them free. However, was that really true?

Some new scholarship is emerging that shows that perhaps our great grandmothers may not have been so different in bed than our wives and girlfriends…as disturbing as that image may be.

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Cruel Spring


Springtime tends to be a season of dark memories and bittersweet moments for me, but that was made all the more visceral this week after reading the story of Mike Penner/Christine Daniels.

Life is seldom easy, and the hardest thing is always finding our proper place and role in it…where we feel safe, comfortable, loved. Seeking it against all odds is an act of courage, often a source of tragedy…and I for one bitterly mourn the death of Mike/Christine, and hope that the life they lived will help other people find the peace they never found.

Read on, to understand.

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