New Winterfell Sim Rises From Infernal Depths!


Looking for land in Second Life? In the mood to build a screamingly chic gothic castle, chain a few virgins in the dungeon and invite the neighbors over for coffee and Ghoul Scout cookies? Need that perfect estate on a remote promontory to brood in dashing, mysterious peace as you attempt to solve the riddle of instilling life in lifeless matter and/or how to mix the ideal Banana Daiquiri?

Then you are in LUCK! A brand new Sim is opening in Winterfell, the home for all things a bit on the deliciously macabre side in Second Life – Ravens Reach!

Read on to see the official press release and order your parcel TODAY! Contact Serra Anansi in SL for more information.

No one boring, mundane or namby-pamby need apply. Void where prohibited.

In a few days a new Winterfell sim named Winterfell Ravens Reach will

be installed east of Winterfell Eventide and north of Winterfell


Raven’s Reach will host a wonderful event of inauguration, welcoming

all to this glorious new landscape! Classical music, subtley

progressing into the more modern as well as a prize hunt shall be but

part of the celebrations!

Winterfell reaches new heights of its spectacular amenity and style,

all are welcome and indeed invited to become part of this great

community, and the broader "traditional" communities of Second Life –

read on for land opportunities, historical information and much more!


W I N T E R F E L L   R A V E N S   R E A C H


Ravens Reach will be the first sim to experience the renaissance of

Winterfell’s theme and outlook.

You’ll see subtle changes starting in the north and working their way

south, where the old heart of Winterfell reclaims its heritage.

Dark fantasy themes, ranging from Late Middle Ages (14th century) to

Baroque (early 18th century) will be encouraged across Winterfell.

This might sound strange to you, but because  Winterfell is a land of

dreams, style and "period" are able to merge and meld together.  Most

important is the underlying narrative.

Creativity and storytelling rule the day.  More telling than exact

replicas of real world architecture, creativity and story telling rule

the day.

– Want to play a sweet  virginal spinster from 1750? SURE!  Bury a few

poisoned suitors in your basement.

– Want to play a retired Commodore from the Spanish Armada? OKAY! Crew

your ship with Spanish lisping Zombies.

– Maybe a noble knight? Perfect! You must sacrifice a virgin monthly

to keep that buff physique.

Create your own story and run with it … Winterfell embraces and

encourages all things dark and and a little dangerous.


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