“On the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy.”

Of the many films that forged my youthful tastes, both good and bad, Tron is one of those that holds a special place. Even at the time I knew it was hokey and contrived, its views on computer hardware and technology simplistic, bizarre and just plain wrong, the effects often little more then guys with glosticks stitched to their pajamas…however, it had that something that caught my attention. It is hard for me even today to convince myself that deep inside my laptop, programs don’t do battle on light cycles and with deadly throwing discs of lethal code. In the same way I am quite certain that inside my computer, some rules may be bent while others…may be broken. I am a sucker for techno-adventures. Sue me.

Now, a new Tron is soon to arrive with superior technology, a more dramatic and adult storyline and perhaps most encouragingly, new Oscar winner Jeff Bridges returning as Flynn (both an older and younger version in fact thanks to the wonders of CGI). At first I was highly dubious, but after watching the trailer below…I admit it, I am excited. Perhaps there is some life in the Game Grid yet.



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