A Seasonal Digression



Springtime lurks in my stairwell

Like unclaimed mail.

I know it is there.

I ignore it.

It taps its fist against its leg

While looking through the mailboxes.


I know it can’t be avoided much longer.

It still bides its time,

but it lays in wait,

whispering of the stench of flowers and warming vistas.

It knows I know the truth.

The dirty little secret behind its vaunted miracle.

That for something to be reborn

Something else must die.

Something must always dies.



  1. *coughs slightly*



    On a more serious note, of course. I have a poster of Kali Ma that will go up on a wall again, at some point–it says in bold, black text across the bottom, “I DESTROY TO CREATE”.

    That has always resonated for me. There is no creation without destruction. No new life without death. But the other side of the coin, this coin that spins, revealing both sides, all sides…is that there is no destruction that does not fuel new creation, no death that does not hold the seeds of life and growth.

    The old structure must fall; the change must happen, for the new structure to rise. And that structure will fall, in its turn, to fuel the change and rebirth of something new. Some creatures, structures, ideals and ideas are given long lives, some not so long, and all will fall in their turn. The wheel spins, and the universe sings.

    Spring is not so threatening. The brightest bloom holds decay in its heart. But that’s part of the process, too. Because that decay, properly planted, nurtured, brings growth and new life.

  2. Fixed. Thank you.

  3. A wonderful digression, sir, and one in which I find solidarity.

    The ‘stench of flowers and warming vistas’ phrase is going in my personal phrasebook for future use, to be sure.

    As not only a great fan of winter, but also one who finds spring to be an evil adversary, I applaud your work.

    Or, as they say on the ‘net, “A++ WOULD READ AGAIN”.

    Best regards, &c.,


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