Hell Must Have Quite a Waiting List


OK, I am going to hell with at least eight nine, possibly ten eleven (when I am feeling self-critical) of these on my rap sheet. Feel free to guess which.

Anyone beat my total?



  1. Only half the list pertains to you? Bardhaven, I’m rather disappointed.

    I, for a second, misread “lesbian” as “librarian”, and thus came close to squeeing.

  2. Well, hell, if we’re counting past actions as well, I qualify for twenty-one!

    “Sports fan” makes me ponder, though. Does sumo count? If it doesn’t, then I’m at twenty.

  3. welll.. didn’t beat you but came close… gadz.. that’s scarey!!.. :)

  4. I’m on 16 0_o

    • You’re on 16? And here I thought you were all ethical and so forth. :)

      • It’s a common mistake ;-)

        In Murray, my old home, I was called Boy Scout – at first as a minor insult, then ironically as they got to know me better :)

  5. Heck, I thought I was a good girl and I can make it to 8. Just wont ever admit to the sportsfan one. Does watching the gymnastics at the olympics count?

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