“The Cirque du Freak…One Night Only”

This is the trailer for a film called The Vampire’s Apprentice, based on a series of books I know of called The Cirque du Freak, but which know next to nothing about save that they are still more stories about vampires for “young adults”. I came across the trailer quite by accident and found it to be funny and strangely charming…the concept of John Reilly as a vampire appeals to me.

However, digging into the comments it seems that people who know these books well are incensed by the trailer, saying it is far too light and Reilly is nothing like this main character is supposed to be. So take a look and see what you think…fun looking film or book destroying sacrilege?



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  1. Haven’t read the book, so I shouldn’t comment but I will anyway:

    The trend in supernatural YA tends to be very allegorical in addressing issues of identity, self-awareness, outsider status within society and how the pressures to 1) conform & 2) grow up into something resembling one’s parents and other authority figures are exerted and, to varying degrees, resisted or accepted by teenagers. You see it in the Twilight series, you see it in the Uglies series [mmm, love those books], you even see it in the latter Harry Potters. And of course, if you’re going through this, and/or you’re reading an allegory of this struggle – the last thing you want is for the struggle to look like a barrel of laughs. Trenchant, mordant wit in the face of nigh-on impossible odds – yes; mockery of the entire landscape, including the character you most identify with or want to be – no way, Jose.

    So, I can imagine why people are mad. Having not read the book(s) — it looks rather funny and reminds me of “The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao,” which I love dearly as being safe and moral and completely freakish. And John C. Reilly is not a schlub for once! Hallelujah and pass the ginger beer! If only Tom Waits had a cameo … fire breather, maybe?

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