“It’s Just a GAME……!”

I admit I was very very dubious when I heard about the upcoming Tron remake/sequel/reimagining/whatever. I knew one HAD to be made but I had no great hope about it. After all, when the first one was built around the geek wet dream/wish fulfillment of a video game pro who has the wealth, respect and sex appeal of any other pro athlete, you know things are going to get weird. I still have vivid memories of Flynn beating a high score on a lightcycle game surrounded by adoring 70s-esque babes and eager fans cheering him on.

Yeah, right.

After looking at early effects tests and the current trailer however, I am beginning to look forward to it. At the very least it looks interesting. Just WHAT has Flynn been up to in the cyber world? Bet he has some more adoring babes on the way.



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