Bill Gates Looks Back…On Gizmodo

504x_MS_Albuquerque_Group_1978 For the last week, Gizmodo has been running an excellent series about the world of technology back in 1979, the year that arguable the PC revolution was born. There have been lots of great stories which have brought up massive nostalgia and warm fuzzies for those of us who were alive back then…*cough*like me*cough*.

However, what is most impressive to me is that Microsoft founder, visionary and likely one of the most important people in the world due to his record-breaking charitable activities, Bill Gates, took time to not only READ the series but just like me and thousands of other geeks of a certain age, was moved enough to want to share his own memories of that strange and exciting time. The only difference, he actually DID it and submitted his reflections to Gizmodo unsolicited, just a sort of “Love your stuff, here is my view if you want it. Live long and prosper.”

Of course his memories of the first days of Microsoft are fascinating but he has written a lot about that period due to his recent retirement. My favorite part of the post are the comments. A veritable Bill Gates Lovefest…ON GIZMODO. People who normally just spit bile all over Microsoft posting and wishing the man well and thanking him for all he has done.

Simply amazing. Read the post and the comments for a very uplifting experience that will make you proud to be a middle aged geek in a changing world.

I know I am.

And btw…Thanks, Bill.


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