Yo, Joe?


Not to get TOO geeky all in one day, but io9 is currently considering whether or not the upcoming G.I Joe film is going to be the worst movie of all time or not based on the novelization of the script by Max Allan Collins.

Between what I have seen of it, heard about it, and now this novelization, I have a feeling that if not THE worst, it will give some of the all time worst a good run for their money.

The entire review is great fun, however the following paragraph made me laugh out loud…when that happens while I am reading a movie review, it means a lot to me.

At one point, Collins refers to Heavy Duty as wielding a massive "machine-gun-cum-grenade-launcher," which put a mental image in my mind that I don’t think he intended.

Read the whole review HERE.

Ummm…Yo, Joe.



  1. *stares*

    Hmm? I’m sorry. Were you saying something?

  2. Isn’t Charlie Jane just the bomb? Not sure anything she’ll write will be able to top her Transformers 2 review, though …

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