“House Kurita is Landing Dropships…”

BattleMech and the MechWarrior series of PC games were a big deal for me when I was in my teens and 20s, and I remember spending a lot of time playing MechWarrior games with friends and lovers. Nothing bonds you like blowing the crap out of giant robots together. Not only did I love the hardware (which may have had an influence both on my love of  technology and steampunk) but also the intricate politics involved in the storyline or warring houses and dynasties.

Not surprisingly, the games are being rebooted for a new generation with improved graphics and intense gameplay. Just check out the video below for an idea. Obviously the people who put this trailer together know what they are doing, since they chose great Mechs to spotlight. I spent many wonderful hours piloting an Atlas…almost as nice a ride as a BattleMaster.

Pardon me while I geek out a bit…



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  1. I liked the Jenners. I can’t help it, they could take corners on wheels, run anywhere, they were maneuverable, they could run through the legs of any Atlas on the planet…sadly, past Mechwarrior 2 they were set aside. “Copyright infringement” issues with RoboTech.

    But I loved playing in them. Four mid-range lasers, good for nearly all battles, and in some game variants, plasma cannons. Which of course would overheat the Jenner severely, and then you got to sit and watch death walk up and smack you down, but….before that point? You’d send ahead an honor guard of bigger mechs to escort you home. :)

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