“The Demon du Jour”


I have made very clear in these pages the tremendous respect I have for Penn Jillette and Teller as people and performers. I have always been a bit “hit or missy” with their television show Bullshit, however. When they have a good topic, it is incredible. When the topic is not as good, it can be a bit tedious. Some things are just no fun to debunk.

In the following videos (now removed by CBS, so find it wherever you can online), they found a GREAT topic…video game violence and it’s connection to real crime. This episode must be seen by every person on earth who still insists there is any sort of direct causal relationship between jibbing a pixilated foe and murdering a flesh and blood human being. I tend to get bored with most First Person Shooters once I have gotten over the whole “BFG Awe” of playing with odd new weapons…however I do not feel these games can or will make anyone into a killer who isn’t one before he turns on the console. Obviously Penn and Teller agree, and make their case very very well.

Be warned, Penn drops more F-bombs in this episode then Eminem at a Preschool teachers convention…but it is definitely worth it. Also some of his images are…colorful and involve people having their mouths full. If you are very elderly, very young or a nun, avoid. Otherwise, have at it.


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  1. Did I mention I loathe CBS with a fiery vengeance? All media entertainment lawyers currently, actually.

    *scurries off to go find it on Hulu or somewhere*

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