Then Again, Maybe the Fugu Would be Safer….

Want more proof that Japan is either heaven or hell but nothing in between? Behold the preview for the upcoming film RoboGeisha…and despair.

So many truly bizarre moments, I don’t know where to begin…fully automatic breasts, Geishas who transform into half woman/half go-cart monstrosities, mouth-mounted buzzsaws, deadly shrimp panko darts, the “stabbed in the ass with katana through white cotton panties and bleeding profusely” scene…or maybe just the revelation that when giant pagoda shaped robots destroy office buildings in Japan, the office buildings spray blood. Really.

Go ahead…watch it…you know you have to now…just to see the panties.



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  1. *shudders* Okay, now THAT is going to give me nightmares. Not because of RoboGeisha–which, sadly, I might have to see if I can track down–but because this is the second film from these madmen. The first was Tokyo Gore Police, which pretty much eats your brain on toast, with jam.

    Or at least mine. It’s the one Asian horror film I just can’t quite manage to track down; it’s so over the top it’s barely horror, but…it just seems gore for gore’s sake, with enough mutants and oddly-bosomed women to make sure you don’t stop watching.

    Gad. Robo-geisha tank with attack samisen. Maybe that is nightmare fodder.

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