“But..I AM the Chosen One….kidding, sorry….”

There have been nearly as many trailers for the upcoming sixth Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as there have been official teaser posts, and there have been kajillions of those.

However, as anticipation is running quite high around the house, I was moved to post one of my favorite of them, even though it was first shown internationally a month or so ago. Enjoy.



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  1. I rather wish Alfonso Cuaron had directed HBP (or will be directing TDH), since HP3 is still my favourite one (London looks dirty! The kids act like kids! There’s acting and body language and the whole bit!). But HP5 is my runner-up so far and the trailer looks nifty … the darkness grows, and yet the scattered bits of humour and teen romance holds off the angst until the bitter (oh, what a bitter) end.

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