Satan’s Operating System


..and NO, I don’t mean Vista.

I have noted for some time with amusement the spread of niche versions of Operating Systems. If you know where to look online, you can find custom builds of just about any OS tailored especially for your own religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation or sometimes, all three (Gay Mennonite Libertarian XP Pro anyone?).

Of course, eventually someone would go beyond those limited niches, and really embrace the inspiration of the being who some say created ALL Operating Systems in His/Her/It’s image…yes of course…I can only mean the original fallen angel, Lucifer himself…here’s…

Satanic Linux!

The following review is reposted from Extreme Tech.

Ubuntu Satanic Edition 666.6 (Jesus’ Jugular) Review

By  Jim Lynch

We’ve looked at a couple of religious based distributions such as Ubuntu: Christian Edition and Ubuntu: Muslim Edition. But there’s another version of Ubuntu…a dark and evil one. A version so hideous and so terrible that it’s name is only spoken in whispers among Linux users…

Ubuntu Satanic Edition 666.6 (Jesus’ Jugular)


Yep! There really is a satanic version of Ubuntu and we’ll take a look at it in this review.

Please note as always that ExtremeTech endorses no particular religion or any religion at all. Nor do we endorse no religion. We respect people of all faiths and people of no faith and people who aren’t sure if they have any faith as well as people who don’t care about faith one way or the other.

Just wanted to clarify that for those who get upset about these kinds of things.

OMG, Satanic Hooters!
Before I go any further into this review I should note here that when you boot up the Live CD there is a pic of a semi-naked woman and you can see her boobies. I want to note it here in case there’s anybody out there that is offended at such things. Don’t download this distribution if satanic type hooters bother you okay? You’ve been warned!

And a note to the Ubuntu Satanic Edition developers…please give the woman in the photo a sandwich. I don’t think seeing somebody’s ribs is particularly attractive. She looks like she just escaped from some kind of famine somewhere. Thin is one thing but ribs sticking out is quite another.

If you need a voluptuous model for your distro’s wallpaper please find one that eats regularly and perhaps you might want to try to find one that doesn’t look like she has an adam’s apple. Just my two cents, take it as you will.

As I noted above, Ubuntu Satanic Edition is a Live CD so you don’t really need to install it to use it. I did as I like to check out the install routines and see how well they work. If you’ve ever installed Ubuntu this is the same as all the rest. In other words, it’s easy and won’t take long.

I had no problems with the install and it took just a few minutes. After the install finished my virtual machine rebooted and I was able to login to Ubuntu Satanic Edition.

Please note that you no longer need to install Ubuntu Satanic Edition over Ubuntu Christian Edition. You can opt to install it over an existing version of Ubuntu, however, by following the directions on the Ubuntu Satanic Edition site.


Desktop & Death Metal
Obviously one of the attractions of Ubuntu Satanic Edition is the possibility of a satanic theme and desktop environment. I’m happy to say that this distribution doesn’t disappoint in that sense. From the moment you see your desktop you’ll know that you aren’t using generic Ubuntu.

The reddish color scheme and the obviously demonic wallpaper fit right into what Ubuntu Satanic edition is trying to deliver. I was pleased to note that there’s even more evil wallpaper available. Just right click on your desktop and choose Change Desktop Background. You can browse around and try to make your desktop even more evil. Some of the wallpaper is quite clever in how it makes the Ubuntu logo satanic looking.

The default desktop is surprisingly uncluttered and clean. The most prominent folder is entitled "Music for the Damned" and contains what seems to be hard-core death metal type music. Here’s a list of the songs:

  • Death Assembly
  • The Successor
  • Infantry
  • Predator
  • Rotten Inside
  • Overcome
  • The Ambassador of Death

It’s not my cup of tea as I was always more of a Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin fan. I could never get into the death/speed metal stuff but it certainly fits in with the overall theme of Ubuntu Satanic Edition. I wouldn’t mind coming across a version of Black Sabbath’s "Heaven and Hell" in a future release. 

Ubuntu Satanic Edition comes with a small selection of apps and here’s a sample of what you get in the default install:

  • The Gimp
  • XSane Image Scanner
  • Ekiga SoftPhone
  • Firefox
  • Pidgin IM
  • Transmission BitTorrent Client
  • Brasero Disc Burning
  • Movie Player
  • Rhythmbox Music Player
  • Audio CD Extractor

There’s less here than in some of the other distributions and you won’t find stuff like installed by default. For that you’ll need to click the Applications menu then choose Add/Remove. Once you do that you’ll find tons of other software to install. In that sense Ubuntu Satanic Edition is a relatively slim distribution. It’s not bloated with apps in its default install state.

Plus I guess that OpenOffice and other productivity apps really aren’t satanic enough to be included by default. Unless they were made by Microsoft that is. I could definitely see a copy of Microsoft Office included by default at some point as it’s more than evil enough. Heh, heh. Just kidding Microsoft zombies, no flames please.

Here’s a list of some of the other stuff you can install on your Ubuntu Satanic Edition system if you want:

  • Abiword
  • Evolution
  • Gnumeric Spreadsheet
  • KOffice
  • Scribus
  • KOrganizer
  • Various Games
  • F-Spot Photo Manager
  • Cheese
  • gThumb Image Viewer
  • Ephiphany Web Browser
  • gFTP
  • KMail
  • Glade Interface Designer
  • Quanta Plus
  • Screem HTML/XML Editor
  • Amarok
  • Kaffeine
  • Kino
  • Dolphin File Manager
  • Orca Screen Reader and Magnifier
  • Project Management

So there’s no lack of software for Ubuntu Satanic Edition.

I didn’t find anything of significance to complain about while using Ubuntu Satanic Edition. Everything worked more or less as it should. Frankly, as a reviewer, I hate when that happens as it gives me less to talk about.

But the Live CD booted fine and the install went fine as well. I had no problems updating my system or installing additional applications.

So I just don’t have anything of consequence to share with you as far as problems go. Darn it.


The Verdict
Overall I like Ubuntu Satanic Edition. The look and feel are delightfully evil. The selection of satanic wallpaper and the "music for the damned" add to the mood and help to make sure that you realize that this is not your father’s Ubuntu. This is…evil!

I’d really like to see it have some bona fide satanic applications. The Muslim edition of Ubuntu had some cool Muslim applications included with it and I was disappointed to note that Ubuntu Satanic Edition had no such similar apps. Is there such a thing as satanic prayer apps? I don’t know but if there are some then they should be included in future releases.

But, that aside, you really can’t go wrong if you want an Ubuntu based alternative to the goody-two-shoes religious versions of Ubuntu. In that sense Ubuntu Satanic Edition is a welcome addition to my collection of customized Ubuntu distros.

Ubuntu: Satanic Edition

Ubuntu Satanic


Provides an unholy and evil alternative to the goody-two-shoes religious versions of Ubuntu. Contains a nice selection of satanic wallpapers and some dark music as well.

Lacks satanic applications along the lines of the Muslim applications included in Sabily (Ubuntu: Muslim Edition).

A good choice for Ubuntu users who prefer their Linux distro to have a darker, satanic edge to it.



Adam and Eve ban


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