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I have decided, my dear readers, to attempt to improve my own knowledge of the many wonders of Second Life as well as to educate and edify you as well. Towards that end, I am beginning a series here at The News from BardHaven highlighting the interesting, bizarre, amazing or just plain disturbing things that I encounter during my chaotic ramblings through the grid.

First up is a place I noticed plastered all over the Events page of the in-world search and had to go and take a closer look at. There it was, happening several times a day…”Shuttle Away Missions are now leaving from the Star Trek Museum of Science as well as from Imzadi Beach.  Shuttles fly to the Vulcan island of Eridani, where you can experience a real Vulcan community.  Fly to Imzadi for Shore Leave (scuba diving, balloon rides,Seven of Nine’s Beach Barbecue), the Museum Embassies, Spacedock (see one of the best collections of starships in SL, including a cloaking Bird of Prey) and to Captain Kirk’s Enterprise (a full size NCC-1701).”

So I got my geek on…and headed out for the tour. Future, here I come! 

I can’t say that Trek has ever been one of my major addictions. In the great debate, I always fell more towards Star Wars then Star Trek in terms of fanboyness and X-Files left BOTH in the dust…however, Jim Kirk always held a certain allure for me. How could he not? Dashing man of action, both a ladies man and a man’s man, rushing across the galaxy to save the universe with his fists clenched, his jaw cleft and his fly down. The chance of looking at an entire Museum just devoted to Star Trek and it’s mythology was too interesting a concept to pass up.

After walking around the place for a bit, I realized that “interesting” doesn’t even begin to cover it. First and foremost the Museum is just an incredible virtual undertaking, four full Sims filled to the last prim with the Star Trek “experience”. Even more impressive then the reproductions of ships and locations from the shows or movies is the Science Museum itself, in which tremendous care has been taken not only to present unbelievable amounts of information, but to do so in true Museum format. Some of the exhibits are simply astounding.

I was able to ask the Museum Director, Miss Wabisabi Matahari, a few quick questions about the Museum. That was no small feat, since the woman is so busy she gives out a multipage notecard explaining how busy she is and that she is therefore not being rude when she says little beyond hello to Museum guests.

According to Miss Matahari, the Museum was begun in a single room back in October of 2006. Almost all the ships and exhibits were created by just four people, and now the entire Museum is hers alone to manage (that helps explain why she is so incredibly busy). Needless to say it is very very time and money intensive so donations are always very welcome and home rentals in the Sims also help keep the Museum open.

After speaking with Miss Matahari I went off to take my eagerly awaited Shuttle Tour.

In the Tour Hanger, which looked very very accurate by the way…or at least what I think would be accurate, one of the nicest touches was a photograph of the original Cast of Star Trek on hand for the launching of the first American Space Shuttle, which was called Enterprise. I remember that day well, having watched it on TV at the time (yes, I know, I am old) and seeing it recognized here was a deeply touching moment for me (I am an old softie at heart, after all).


The flight itself was tremendous fun and surprisingly smooth. The whole Shuttle rezzing and control system worked quite well and was utterly lag free, even when crossing Sims. Once the shuttle broke orbit and headed out into deep space (shhh..I am RPing…you see that?) I even got a chance to take a free pot shots at a Borg cube.  Scourge of the Spaceways, that’s me.

The ride was great, but when the shuttle arrived at Spacedock, things got realllllly kewl. The spaceship replicas are very very well done and a lot of fun just to wander around and look at. Even better is the small ship (I am not even sure which Star Trek it is from…I guess one of the later movies or shows that I didn’t see…) that you can actually enter and walk around in. I couldn’t help myself as I settled in some of the chairs, making PWEW PWEW noises to myself.



After the Spacedock sightseeing, I took another shuttle to the real highpoint of the museum for me…the Original Enterprise. From the point the Shuttle landed in the docking bay, I felt like I was right at home. Back when I was a kid, watching the original Enterprise zip around and kick Klingon butt made me want to become an astronaut. Of course, when I realised that it would be a lot of hard work and would not include phasers or endlessly banging hot alien chicas a’la Kirk, I lost interest.

The ship itself was incredibly well done and very very accurate to my memories. Rooms such as the Transporter Room and Kirk’s quarters were exactly as I felt they should have been. Sadly however there was no alien princess hiding in Kirk’s closet waiting to be told about that Earth tradition..called…LOVE. Even without the princess however, I quickly fell in love with being Kirk for the Day.


While I don’t know if I would recommend the Star Trek Museum for a first date (unless the amour in question shares your geekiness or doesn’t hold it against you) it is definitely a place you could kill several days if not weeks exploring, alone or with a group of friends. Anytime you have a need to get away from the endless cavalcade of virtual strip clubs and serious academic lectures about virtual philosophy, check out the Star Trek Museum…there is something for everyone here, fans and non fans alike.

A great place to start your tour of the Star Trek Museum is at the Shuttle Tours departure point at http://slurl.com/secondlife/TovaDok%20II/50/187/28.

Live long and prosper.

Adam and Eve ban


1 Comment

  1. “Is this thing Sexgenned?”

    *laughs* Though knowing Kirk, it should be.

    Amusingly enough, I had my big fansquee moment before I found the Star Trek Museum, when I discovered that there was a perfect replica of Firefly’s Serenity above Rua. So sure, because I’d been swimming there, I came aboard as a mermaid, but it was so very, very cool.

    If for no other reason, SL excels at making the virtual real–in the sense of creating the 3D spaces of all of our favorite 2D media sources. It’s not a bad trick.

    Must go back to the Star Trek Museum, then!

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