Joan Crawford has Risen from the Grave

The early eighties were a time when the music video was still young. Before then, most of the video clips of songs that could be found were either poor concert footage or clips from such TV shows as Midnight Special of Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. As the age of the big production videos came along, with such song’s as Rio by Duran Duran and just about anything by Michael Jackson, MTV arrived right on cue to invite chicken or egg comparisons. For those of us slow to jump on the cable juggernaut, we had to make do with Friday Night Videos while we stayed up late and felt grownup.

However, most of the videos that could be found even on cable were mainstream Top 40  fare…the really odd or unusual stuff was also being made but very very hard to find. Recently I came across a video of a favorite song by one of the favorite groups of my wretched adolescence, and it was so bizarrely surreal I just had to share it with you.

Why do some of the renegade schoolgirls appear to be over 40?

Who is the schmuck in the purplish suit supposed to be?

Vampire babes in Gingham?

Why is it broad daylight?

So many questions…I give you, my dear readers…Blue Oyster Cult singing Joan Crawford.




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