“Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing…”

The third trailer for the upcoming Transformers sequel is upon us, and makes the film appear to be far less dark than the second trailer did. We get some of the same effects shots, plus some more hints about the story, new establishing shots showing that more or less the entire cast from the first film is back including John Turtorro (I enjoy these sort of films, but c’mon, did he need the money THAT bad?), a long lingering reminder that Megan Fox is scary hot and wears cut off shorts and halter tops in all the wrong places, the obligatory shot of Optimus getting the tar beat out of him (ooohhhh suspense, will the Autobots LOSE????) and lots and lots of new shiny.

I admit that this is the upcoming film I am most excited about at this moment, especially since I would rather have my eyeballs removed with a grapefruit spoon, sautéed in lard and calamari juice and replaced in my screaming, flaming skull with a staple gun then watch the upcoming GI Joe feature.

Watch and see what you think. Ready for the junkyard, or “Autobots, roll out…”.



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