Bring the Rain

In a darkly musical mood again and I have listened to this song, one of my favorites from Within Temptation, about 10 times today. Therefore, you should too.

Besides, that is one hell of a corset…



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  1. Having just discovered Within Temptation a month or so back, I remain terribly impressed with both their lyrics and their lead singer.

    More to the point, so many bands with male backing and female vocalists fall into a sort of coy sexuality surrounding their leads–“Look,” they seem to say, “isn’t she pretty? Of course she doesn’t know it so we can tell her to wear anything…”

    Not so with Sharon den Adel–she is old enough and confident enough to own her look, and she, like Amy Lee, has the additional virtue of designing her own costumes. So when she drips with allure, there is no coy pretension to be seen.

    That is one hell of a corset. And one hell of a woman inside it.

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