The Game’s Afoot

Now I am not sure if I like Guy Ritchie’s take on the Holmes legend or not. I like his view of Holmes as a rough and tumble sort of cad…but there is a bit too much humor in this trailer, and too much of Holmes being a smart ass tough guy and not enough of him being a brilliant detective.

Of course, this is only a first trailer designed to appeal to the Star Trek/Terminator crowd, so we will see more of what we have when the movie is released. The cast lends great hope however…so I am officially looking forward to it, with reservations.



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  1. Funny, dashing, post-modern … not Holmes. Although the thought of Jeremy Brett handcuffed, in bed, in dishabille … mercy, is it hot in here?

    I suppose it will depend on the quantity and quality of the quiet moments in the film. Otherwise, it is just a pastiche – what if Holmes had been a bohemian (subcultural, not geographic sense) instead of a quasi-ascetic?

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