Simply A Digression



I asked the cab to stop and walked alone tonight, just the night and me.

I told the moon all I could have said, should have said, today and a hundred and eighty yesterdays.

Dramatic points, evocative analogies, clever and cutting rejoinders to make her know my pain, see my point.

I should have let loose with all of it.

To MAKE her accept how I feel.


So many words unused, simply wasted, left unspoken.

I screamed to the night that I wished I had said them.

Surely then things would have been different, I explained.

Could have been different.

Should have been different.


The moon would have none of it.

The moon said just to grieve.


1 Comment

  1. As I read through this passage I began to weep
    Weeping at my own grieving
    Many moons have passed
    It still tells me just to grieve
    I still care too much

    Those words fill my brain
    Could have been different
    I must myself accept how I feel
    I can only weep.
    Is the extent of my grieving known?
    I grieve into darkness

    (Forgive my use of portions of your lovely verse – I grieve, beside you – this written to my sad and lonely soul)

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