Andy Hallett

I just woke up to the news that Andy Hallett, the actor and performer who portrayed the lovable, lounge-singing demon Lorne (yeah, think on THAT one for awhile) on Joss Whedon’s Angel has passed today from long term heart problems at 33. This troubles me deeply on so many levels.

I will write more later…but for now, just this. A favorite moment. He will be missed.




  1. I had a feeling when I saw the name alone as a blog entry.

    Far too young. Such talent and gone. It is life, it is what it is, but my heart is screaming unfair.

  2. How terribly sad I am, I absolutely adored Angel and Lorne was one of my favourite characters. He was an immense talent, great comic timing and a singing voice that could blow you away. What a great loss for his family and for the world of show biz. 33 is no age at all…he seemed to be such a lovely man – I saw him once at an Angel Convention and couldn’t bring myself to speak to him being to star struck – somehow I wish I had now…..Rest in Peace

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