A Cold Day in Hell


I have always enjoyed snow globes. Little vignettes frozen in time. At once so accessible, yet isolated, untouchable. Kitsch and twee and tacky and hokey but wonderful for all those reasons. The perfect gift from an airport or tourist trap…hip and self reflexive.

However, artists Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz see snow globes differently. They see them as…well…different. Little splinters of angst and agony…encased in glass and filled with sparkles. It’s just don’t get much better then that. Look at some of their amazing work after the jump.

Look at the entire Travelers series by Martin and Munoz HERE.









  1. I’ve adored their work ever since I heard of the series. Similarly, there’s a fellow who makes intricately detailed, crashed miniature cars that you can delicately position against your bonsai trees.

  2. Gah. Arachnid. *scrubs brain*

    Otherwise … quite grotesquely pretty. Figures forever frozen, but not QUITE at the moment of trauma.

  3. You know this is coming….that’s one of my favorite ones.

    If it helps your phobia at all? It’s not just spiders, I adore most insects.

    Hmm, that may not help…

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