A Tidal Digression



I am tired of rushing everywhere at once like a bad boy scout, reading a map on the changing waves.

So many paths in all directions tracing retracing doubling back leading nowhere and anywhere.

Friend foe love lust hate contempt grief rebirth all one on the foam moving in moving out.

Reacting to each new twist turn advance shock retreat as if it really matters to the deep blue sea until finally the cold water





What is is.

No map will show us what will be

     or what will not be

          or the path that will lead there

               or what we will find arrayed there

                    or who.


Plant a flag. Defy the tide. See what you have. Trust your instinct. Find your way.

All else is just drowning with a map.


1 Comment

  1. Also, taking a stand? You’re less buffetted by the changing fates around you.

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