“If you are listening to this…YOU are the resistance”

It seems like I am posting a lot of trailers recently…but this one blew me away and I was so prepared to be disappointed by it. The moral implications and questions it raises are intriguing..plus stuff blows up REALLY WELL.

Behold as the Terminator franchise gets rebooted big time…if the movie is as good as the trailer (big if) this will rock.




  1. you are so right… I was “terminated” by the trailer and I can’t wait for the movie.

  2. I grant, the trailer is impressive. On the strength of it, knowing nothing else about it, I’d be highly tempted to go.

    But everything I’ve read ties it in with the current television series (the Sarah Connor Chronicles, http://www.fox.com/terminator/ ), and that series has one stunningly vivid flaw: it reinterprets the entire series, from the beginning to the end, in millenarian religious terms. With zero attempt to hide them.

    John Connor is not Jesus. The machines do not rise because mankind’s faith in God faltered. I have been crushingly disappointed by the series and, as much of a Terminator fan as I am, I cannot help watching the approach of the movie with great dread.

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