Dark as Plastic Hell


I am putting this up just because it boggles my little mind. Looking at this full and final trailer it appears the upcoming Transformers 2 may be the darkest, most brutal “action film based on a toy line” of all time. of course, in a world with Goth cartoons on Saturday morning (Ruuubbbyyy Gloom”), why am I surprised?

This looks fantastic, but I am DEFINETLY watching the film before taking the boy to it.




  1. I wonder if they’ve refocused this movie after test showings. When last seen, the trailers were–while not peppy and upbeat–considerably less moody. Odd.

  2. Perhaps they were inspired by the buzz over the Watchmen trailers? As for the trailer itself, I can’t help thinking that Philip K. Dick would be appalled, disgusted and slightly turned on. Oooh! What would Dick do with a novelization of a Michael Bay movie … *hamster wheel a-turning*

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