Amanda Palmer vs. Stupid People


As I have explained in many many tweets, I think Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls is very talented, truly gifted and absolutely fab. She is one of only three female musical performers whose children I would be willing to bear (Amy Lee of Evanescence and Annie Lennox being the other two). She recorded a hilarious, poignant and thought provoking song about modern society called Oasis for her recent solo effort, Who Killed Amanda Palmer. Apparently some people just aren’t getting the song. In fact they are so not getting it that stations in the UK are refusing to play the song or video.

On her irresponsibly excellent blog (when a blog is entitled Amanda Fucking Palmer, you know it has to be good), Miss Palmer says the following about the bruhaha (among lots of other stuff, click HERE to read her entire post)

i sat down one day in or around 2002 and wrote a tongue-in-cheek, ironic up-tempo pop song.
a song about a girl who got drunk, was date raped, and had an abortion.
she sings about these things lightly and joyfully and says that she doesn’t care that these things have happened to her because oasis, (her favorite band) has sent her an autographed photo in the mail. and to make things even better (!!), her bitchy friend melissa, who told the whole school about the abortion, is really jealous.
if you cannot sense the irony in this song, you’re about two intelligence points above a kumquat.
i then recorded this song with ben folds (who is way more intelligent than a kumquat) for my record, WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER, in 2007.
he produced the song to sound fantastically happy, a full-on peppy beach-boys style number complete with ba ba ba back-up vocals.
we were very proud of it. it was funny, and sad, and made sense. to us.
then i made a video with michael pope that portrayed a VERY literal play-by-play of what was being related in the song. it also made sense to us.

Here is the video in question (which I think is tremendous) …

In the course of her description of people’s small mindedness and stupidity, she also said something which perfectly describes my own philosophy and which I think is so good that I would like to write it in permanent marker on my forehead. It was…


Truer words never spoken. Rock on Amanda.



  1. Her entire album is like that–but more than that, she remains unafraid to take on the darkness. There’s more truth in Runs in the Family and a terrifying chunk of the real in Guitar Hero. The album tears me up at times, but it’s too beautiful to ignore.

    And we shouldn’t. She sees us, flaws and virtues, terrors and joys. A lot of us forget, some people want to forget. She doesn’t. She turns it into music.

  2. I saw this video today, of Amanda Palmer singing a love song to her label, and it made me think of you. Surely, you have probably seen it already, but on the tiny chance you have not, I couldn’t bear not to share it with you:

    There’s nothing not to love about it.

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