As all true Americans will tell you, the Super Bowl is about commercials, not football. This is especially true in a year like this one when one of the teams, I can never remember which one, is supposed to just wipe the floor with the other team, whatever it is called. You watch the game for the stuff that happens between the plays. This year, a lot of the focus is on secret movie trailers, which of course have been leaked on the net and therefore I bring them to you.

First off is the Super Bowl spot for JJ Abrams eagerly awaited reboot of the Star Trek franchise. I have almost zero expectations for this film. There are a million ways for Abrams to screw this up, and from what I have seen, the cast they have assembled doesn’t hold a Ploktow to Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley. Still, perhaps it won’t totally be tha suck…the ship looks cool, and actually sort of brings the classic Enterprise into line with the ships of later shows.


Next is the sequel to the live action Transformers film, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. I was never into Transformers as a kid…the toy sales angle was just a bit too brutal, even for me. However, I really loved the film. The action was fast and clever with lots of ‘gee-whiz” tech, I love Shia LaBouef, Megan Fox is gorgeous, John Turturro got pissed on by a giant robot…all good. Best of all however was watching my son sit through his first “grown up movie” in the theatre. The look in his eyes made Optimus Prime pale in sheer coolness. If you see this film, see it with a kid. Trust me on this.


And lastly, one of the more unlikely TV to film transformations I can think of at the moment…G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. I have no words. So, so bizarre.



  1. The Star Trek film still scares me. Sadly–because I live with a die-hard fan, she’s even got a bust of the Baroness on the shelf over her computer–we’ll be seeing the G.I. Joe film. Still, that one doesn’t look too bad, at least.

  2. It has Christopher Eccleston. I might be willing to sit through GI Joe for him and teh CGI pretty.

    Oh heavens, I’m older than you. *weeps*

  3. Nobody’s older than me. :)

    Or did you mean Bardhaven?

  4. *snerk* Yes, I was referring the the precocious Bardhaven …

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