New Babbage For Sale – ALL OF IT


Eras continue to end all over Second Life currently.

Shaunathan Sprocket is selling off all six sims of New Babbage as a package deal. Cash on the virtual barrelhead. He however wishes to try to ensure that New Babbage continues, so rather then just selling to the highest bidder he is holding an election in which residents can select the winning bid from those who put the money up. This is surprisingly sensible, but I admit I still have my doubts.

He writes as follows…

It has been an exciting and challenging time running a city-state for the past 2 years. I see entirely why George Washington set the 2 year term limit in motion within the United States. After two years you feel exhausted in a way that’s practically impossible to describe. Even the will to log in seems to not be there for me. I want new challenges, I want to move on. Also I think New Babbage deserves better than my absence. It’s time for a new mayor. I hereby invoke a 2 year precedent.

Communities are often very personality driven. When the personality or personalities that power and define a community move on, the community dies. Sometimes the death brutal and immediate, sometimes it is slow and gradual, sometimes it is more a transformation into something new, but it always causes primal, deep changes.

I wish New Babbage well as they come to grips with the same changes going through all the Victorian/Steampunk communities right now.

More information after the jump.


Sadly, it’s not as easy as hosting an election. New Babbage is an asset. It is profitable. And it is indeed worth something. It would also be a thoughtless act to simply sell to the highest bidder. Everyone here deserves more than that. I want to sell to someone who has vision, someone who will not only maintain what we have, but strive to grow and evolve it further. We have a unique situation.

Currently, a brand new (and vacant as a desert) sim costs someone $1000 USD to purchase and $295 USD per month to keep. New Babbage is 6 sims of thriving community and active renters, and to use an analogy, an apartment full of renters is worth more than an empty building. I am willing to sell New Babbage to someone for $6,000.00 USD, However there are some strings attached. I want the people of New Babbage to approve you.

If you are interested in buying New Babbage there is nothing I can do to "make" you continue New Babbage. Legally, you could wipe the sims, tell everyone to leave, and build a gorean wonderland (no offense to any who enjoy Gor). But, by having the land owners of New Babbage approve you, I think there’s a good chance you’ll take New Babbage on a path to greatness.

If you fancy yourself a mayor. If you think you can lead New Babbage, I invite you to post on a second thread I have started "New Babbage Election". Please go there and make your case to the people of New Babbage. Tell them what you will do as Mayor of New Babbage. PLEASE remember, if you win the election, you will have to pay me $6,000.00 USD for New Babbage so only post if you are serious please.

Look at the whole announcement, and make your election pitch if you are so inclined, at the New Babbage Ning site.



  1. I’m still just stunned by this. Not even a year ago, he had such plans. A Flash-enabled web page. A game forum. Interactive robotic tour guides.

    An elevated train!

    Where did all the dreaming go…

    • Ooooer i just realized you took a pic inside my factory! i hope you helped yourself to the complimentary rum & cookies whilst there! Cheers!
      ~Capt. Red

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