Thundercats: The Motion Picture?

As the holiday continues to roar through our lives like an out of control logging truck, I came across something that I thought many of my most loyal readers would enjoy. It seems that some highly talented and apparently unmediated individuals wondered what a big budget live action version of Thundercats would be like….and hacked and ‘shopped a few existing trailers to try it on for size. I love some of the casting choices, and the technical skill that went into this is quite impressive.  It shows how fine the line between inspiration and obsession is in the soul of your average fanboy, as well as just how interchangeable action movies and heroes are these days….but it is also just flat out KEWL.

Brad Pitt as Lion-O? I have my doubts, but I can tell you this much…this trailer alone is twice the movie Troy was.

Oh…and Merry Christmas, Kira. Thunder, thunder, THUNDERCATS.


1 Comment

  1. Thunder…. Thunder… THUNDEDRCATS!!!!! HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    I am SO there… oh yes. :) This is the start of a good good year.

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