Griefing…Sony Style


And YOU thought Second Life is filled with sex obsessed, neanderthalic 8th grade throwbacks…just wait till you get a look at Sony Home. Sony’s new attempt at creating a consumer virtual world to be accessed via their Playstation consoles has all of the trademarks of recent Sony consumer products, i.e. clueless, derivative, proprietary and arrogant…but wait, it gets better.

Currently in beta, Sony Home is also stunningly insecure, as several exploits are currently making the rounds that allow you to steal characters, hijack clients and add and delete files from Sony’s main servers.

Add to that the fact that female avatars are griefed without mercy, mainly in a little maneuver in which men surround them so they can’t move, doing little preloaded dance steps while hitting on them in open chat. Sound like fun? View the playahs in action after the jump.

Whatever happened to “A/S/L??”?



  1. *wrinkles her nose*

    This does not make me yearn for a Playstation.

    Damn, and I thought the five Linden boys were bad. “wana hav sex wit me? I got 5” *pays me five* “That’s your stupidity tax for today, I’m afraid. And no.” “gimme dat back, bitch!”

    *shakes her head* Boys. Honestly.

  2. ew.

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