An Oracular Digression



Green Baize. Dark Sunrise. One by one.

Watch the cards not the hands, watch the eyes not the face. Anything else is delusion.

Smooth on smooth, the cards are laid.

“The Now, Swords, Seven.”

“The Here, Wands, Nine.”

“Last Year the Sun ascendant.”

“Last Week, a Knight resplendent.”

“The Hope, the Ace of Swords.”

“Tomorrow the Sabre’s Lord.”


Green Baize. Dark Sunrise. None by none.

Watch the meaning not the motive, watch the warp not the weave. Anything else is intrusion.

Sooth on sooth, the cards are laid.

“The Pool, Cups, Four.”

“The Port, a Priest Adored.”

“The Dream, Cups, the Knave”

“The Draft, a boy of Staves.”


Green Baize. Dark Sunrise. Two by two.

Watch the silence not the signpost, watch the wait not the gait. Anything else…


…Is Confusion.


1 Comment

  1. Remember the lesson of the Hermit. It may take him the whole of his life, but what he seeks, he finds. All things in time.

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