Down the Runway with sachi and Damen


Last week I was fortunate indeed to be invited to a fashion show featuring designs by the Wonder Twins of Adam & Eve, sachi Vixen and Damen Gorilla to highlight their new styles for winter and the holiday ball season. It addition, the show debuted their new Angel and Cherie lines of skin designs. The clothing on display ran the gamut of casual outfits to formal gowns/suits to role play ensembles, all with the traditional Adam & Eve blend of style, craftsmanship, whimsy and sex appeal.

The show was very well presented and managed by the well known SL firm of Duettmann & Fraenkel. The models were well rehearsed and save for the typical lag at such an event with a large crowd (most of the time there were well over 50 Avatars milling around in various shades of black and grey anonymity) this went off without a hitch, at least from the point of view of a spectator.

Congratulations to sachi and Damen and everyone involved with the show and the designs on a great success. See some shots of the show after the jump. As always, Adam & Eve designs can be purchased on their sim, Genesis.


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  1. I’d heard about this through the group, but I was unfortunately busy. I’m glad to hear things went off well, and I’ve been pondering finances to acquire some of the holiday gowns…Mostly, though, these days, I go to A&E for shoes.

    Because Damen is EVIL. And keeps making good ones!

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