Who’s Watching?


Not a lot to be said about this beyond OMFGBBQ!!!!

The third Watchmen trailer premiered in front of the new Bond film and has hit the net like a long, looping overhand right from the Comedian to the jaw of some liberal un-American hippie-freak.

I am REALLY looking forward to this. More and more I have the feeling that this film, like the graphic novel, will forever change the way people see superheroes. Let the complex nihilistic allegories begin!



  1. Oh, GUH.

    I do not believe I have so keenly anticipated a motion picture since Sweeney; the problem with this is that I’ve keenly anticipated this one, along with every other Watchmen fan, for more than ten years.

    It’s been an eternal process of rising interest; acquisition of rights; writers and director assigned; project fails. Rinse, repeat, burn. We began to think in all honesty this was the one superhero film that would never be made.

    The Watchmen was our Mary Celeste.

    Now I am fearfully beginning to hope again. Because it is filmed now. Trailers are out now. It has a release date.

    I don’t think I breathed more than once through that entire trailer. Have they, could they have, finally done justice to the Watchmen?

    Edward Nygma, eat your heart out. Here comes Rorschach.

  2. It’s no League of Extraordinary Gentleman, to be sure. But if Huck Finn shows up, blood will be spilled and it shan’t be mine.

    Seriously, the trailers look (and sound) very fine and considering I cut my GN baby teeth on The Dark Knight Returns, bring on the nihilism! I just hope there aren’t too many WT_ moments as in 300 – if the Greeks were fighting the Persians, just why did Leonidas push an African man down a well? *hand-waving*

  3. Because it was cool?

    Seriously, if you look at the original artwork that Frank Miller drew, it’s not a hard leap from the swarthy Persian to the black emissary–and it did have an impact that was hard to deny. Like it or loathe it, that became one of the iconic images–and iconic phrases–from the film version.

    As far as the Watchmen goes, I’m waiting, but I’m wary. Just the fact that they answer to “The Watchmen”–in the comics, a phrase used (occasionally derisively) in the media alone–makes me worry.

    But the rest of it looks so damned good…I may well allow them their flaws just to have the rest of it.

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