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A couple weeks ago, a curious idea was proposed by Vint Falken and ArminasX Saiman. Namely the suggested that different authors write blog posts suggested by others, and then have these essays posted on the blogs of yet a third indidual, thus creating a sort of blog soup giving all involved a little more exposure, perhaps a new reader or two, and a generally good time.

My own offering, entitled BardHaven – Day One was based on a suggestion to write about our earliest experiences in Sl (with some sex involved) which came from Tiessa Montgolfier of All Things Tiessa and is currently visible at VintFalken.com.

And now without further ado I introduce Eliza Wrigglesworth of the excellent blog Free Finds for Men, who has contributed the following piece, from an idea by Tymmerie Thorne-Darwin of Girl Wonder Speaks…about Second Life entitled…Toilets in SL. Enjoy, after the jump

Toilets in SL?

by Eliza Wrigglesworth

Faced with the challenge of writing a minimum of 500 words on virtual potties, I have to admit to complete ignorance on this subject. I’ve never felt the need to imitate real life in SL, and I’m quite the Scrooge when it comes to counting my prims. For me, as well as many of you out there, the answer here is a resounding NO! WTF!?

That said, there are many people for whom virtual toilets add an element of reality that helps them to immerse themselves in an imaginary life they may not otherwise get to experience.

Take, for instance, the happy SL newlywed couple. They’re going to want to do it everywhere in their new home, and some creative builders have provided them with a vast array of sex tubs and showers. What’s a bathroom without a toilet right? It doesn’t do much, but when you click it, the lid goes up and down and it makes a cool flushy noise too. Neat! Just be careful that in the heat of the moment you don’t accidently click the toilet instead of your partner’s naughty bits, or the cool flushy noise might ruin the mood.

While on the subject of cool flushy noises, I should mention the people in SL who like to surround themselves with items that just make them smile for one reason or another. They may want to have a toilet for the same reason they’ll want any of the items to be found on Absolutely Amazing SL Discoveries. After all, we’re supposed to be having fun here aren’t we?

In my opinion, the only people who’re going to get any use out of a toilet in SL are the photographers. Amateur or otherwise, they’ll use pretty much anything as a prop, and toilets can be fun for posing as evidenced by the pictures below.

Toilets in SL? Not for me, but if it makes you happy, then by all means have at ‘em. I think I’ll try my hand at building one to put my fish in. Or maybe a planter for the front yard?

Thanks for a lovely piece, Eliza. Toilet Humor! Well done!



  1. WTG, Eliza!! I thought this was such a fun read! The pictures were great and very funny also!

  2. Thanks for hosting my little essay Zealot!

    Tymmerie – I didn’t realize until I cammed in closely that there was a “log” in that toilet LOL!!!

  3. I prayed for this topic! Not that I have any idea what would I write but it sounds as completely crazy topic. Just as idea of virtual toilets is. Still, the mere existence of them, makes one think and want to research.

  4. […] Toilet inSL by Eliza Wrigglesworth […]

  5. Thought I’d “dump” on your post.. but actually.. I liked it! (Glad I didn’t get assigned this one)

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