Pocketables Offers Holiday Swag


I offer the following valuable information to any of my loyal readers who, like me, have a taste for things with small screens and USB ports.

poc Pocketables, one of the foremost websites for information on MIDs, UMPCs and PMPs (and one of my personal favorites) is running a great contest during November, just in time for the holidays. Jenn, the site’s owner and denmother prefers to focus her reviews and posts on any device that can fit in your pocket, hence the name of the site…and the nature of the contest.

Full rules can be found at Pocketables, but the prize package on offer is worth over $1000 begins with an Aigo P8860 MD and then true to Thanksgiving, includes all the trimmings you could think of, including an 8G SD card, Aliph jawbone headset, Sennheiser earbuds and more.

As befits such a contest, to win you will need to participate in the Pocketable forums during November along with a specific task or two…but the community at Pocketables is great and the prizes certainly worth the effort.

Congrats to Jenn and her vast team of insane elves on once again coming up with a great contest to light up some lucky gadget fan’s yule log.


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