Virtual Japanese Girlfriends


There are certain products I run across during my daily aether-wandering that I can say very little about save for WANT! WANT NOW! This is one of them.

Apparently it is now possible to buy a virtual webcam girlfriend in Japan. Just place the cube in the view of your webcam, install the software and on screen you will see your very own virtual otaku-girl…which you can do whatever you wish to. Dress, touch, spank…you can even give her gifts apparently. If you have a thing about abusing miniature women in lingerie as they twitter at you in anima style Japanese, I know what I am getting you for Christmas.

I’ll take three, please.

See the video demo after the jump…and pay special attention to what you can do with that little paddle.

Behold…the Dennou ARis Figure virtual 3D girlfriend!!!!

Order HERE.

Hurry, HURRY..she is WAITING!



  1. I think this guy has bought all the stock.

  2. Taichi Takashita launched an online petition aiming for one million signatures to present to the government to establish a law on marriages with cartoon characters.

    Um…y’know, I can call this, I know crazy when I see it, and he’s gone nuts.

    Even marriages in SL make sense: there is another person behind the keys, that loves and likes and listens, it’s not a two-dimensional relationship.

    What value does a relationship with paper have? What’s he going to do, enlist an artist to draw out his dream wife doing the dishes?

    More on-topic, me personally, I’d be tempted save for the shrill whines of the girl when she’s…erm…prodded with that little paddle. Maybe if they did a ‘virtual girlfriend’ with a deeper voice…

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