2omb Raiders is History

Ball2 bar

Well, in my never truly humble opinion, BardHaven Ball: 2omb Raiders was an unqualified success…but I can’t take much of the credit at all. The credit truly belongs elsewhere.

Thanks to Duchess Eva Bellambi for peerless hostessing and wondrously careful and decadent preparations throughout Loch Avie. Her attention to detail, sense of humor and flair for the dramatic are unparalleled.

Thanks to Dr. Kate Nicholas and the Royal Society for the incredible cave and excavation. It was a magnificent build, taking a few muddled, half formed ideas on my part and creating something truly wondrous, that I would not have believed possible in the time we had.

Thanks to Miss Kiralette Kelley for tireless and intrepid DJing, making sense of my meandering song selection and creating a cohesive playlist of 4 hours out of 9 hours of music.

Thanks to the cavalcade of richly and fiendishly attired partygoers. We topped out at one point over 50, and seldom dropped below 40 for the entire party…and thankfully the Sim held together quite well. The turnout and the compliments humbled everyone involved in the Ball. Thank you to everyone.

It was truly a memorable evening and if you couldn’t join us this year, never fear…BardHaven Ball III is just a year away.

An absurd number of pics after the jump.



  1. That last picture, sir, proves the truth of what is commonly remarked…that BardHaven cares enough to send the hairy beast.

  2. People whispered things in my ears early on when Ras and I were first courting.. Such a shock.. such a shock. I will persevere, I will! I watch my lingerie drawer closely now. No wonder I can never find lingerie to wear…goodness……

  3. One of these years, I’m going to make a run of the full event. But what I managed to attend was wonderful and terrible indeed.

    I never knew the Duchess had such an interesting…garden…

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