Fly Squirrel Air

And now for something completely different…


Somebody find me a frickin’ SQUIRREL, DAMMIT

The Slow motion Followcam is the best part. Nuts scattering in all direction. I also like the fact they allow us to see the little critter scurrying away unharmed, the way that in the A-Team we could always watch the absurdly dressed terrorists getting out of their truck and running away before it blew up.


1 Comment

  1. Damn. It’s taken nearly two decades to trump the amusement that is setting out a half-full jar of peanut butter on its side for those very slow days (because squirrels will scurry down the trees, sniff the jar, then manhandle–or squirrelhandle–the entire jar back into the tree).

    Um…thank you? :)

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