A Stone Digression



I close my eyes, and behold the stark metropolis.

My mind is a canyon of stone, smooth and merciless, silent and serene, filled with spires of keening wisdom…stretching out beneath me as far as my thoughts can wander

Maddening heights reach for the stars, brick on earnest brick as rising shadows pull at gray flanks like the claws of furtive lovers.

Time and distance lose all meaning, adrift in steel and chrome, forlorn in these works of idle men. Time and distance and yesterday and tomorrow are just myths in the shades of rain soaked alleyways, whispered of to frighten childish dreams.

In the concrete swarm of ideas, there is only a single great now.

A single great now, booming and echoing below me, as I wrap myself in weathered wings….and fall.

Behold the stark metropolis.


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  1. beautiful

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