Why not?


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  1. Why? Because it takes up time more profitably spent elsewhere: writing more original thoughts, works of fiction, composing poetry, walking about outside (hey, some people like the Evil Daystar, it takes all kinds)…plays, concerts, art galleries, real human interactions…

    Why not? Because there seems to be no limit to what can be blogged about, to what the human mind can find fascinating. Food and sex, separately and combined, fashion, movies, television, plays, superheroes, art, crafts, fabric, clothing designs, collecting, product-testing, sports, photography, gardening, and everything in between and beyond.

    Plus, it keeps people up to date on what’s new if, for whatever reason, you simply can’t pick up the phone. (My friends’ chief complaint about me these days.)

    *thinks for a moment*

    Or was that rhetorical?

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