Office Domination…WANT!


Some of you have likely already seen the great video below, showing a full-on, take-no-interns cubical war fought with a wide variety of tremendously mind-smooshingly cool nerf guns. Needless to say, I want ALL of them and I WANT them NOW. I have WAYS of making you BUY them and ship them to ME!! FedEx, not that weak post office crap!


Beyond the product parade, this video is wonderful as well for all the movie parodies and references going on, from any number of WW II classics to Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch to the works of John Woo and the Brothers Warchowski. It must be seen to be believed.

Nerf N-Strike Vulcan (Custom) However the best part may be that around the 1:45 point we actually get to see the chain-fed, rapid fire, madness inducing Nerf Vulcan tripod mounted minigun in action. This bad boy can dish out the styrofoam hurt on a scale I never dreamed POSSIBLE in Junior High and was announced a few months ago for release this fall at a price point of 40 dollars.


Sorry….I’m better now.

(Thanks to CrunchGear for the catch)




  1. omg LOL, tooo funny

  2. This is so beautiful, man!

    I am running – NOT WALKING – to order these for my program management office staff.

    (and maybe I’ll FedEx one to you, too, my dear Lord Bardhaven…for bringing this to my attention)


  3. I have fear.

    My roommate custom-mods Nerf guns to do what the Vulcan does already–we already have a ban on him not to shoot his auto-fire in the house, because the Nerf bullets traveled fast enough to dent the wall.

    Gods help us if he gets his hands on that thing…

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