Just Another Digression


Yet more dreams…


I sit all alone in the waiting room, far at the end of an endless hall. Doors line the walls into the darkness, like closed mouths.

A woman’s voice intones numbers, one after another. Finally the number that is cut into my palm is read and I rise, wandering down the darkness till I find an open mouth.

A single desk is there, with a single open file. I sit on a chair I didn’t see before, to be addressed by a woman I hadn’t noticed. She may have been six women. She may have been more.

She spreads page after page in front of me like a fan. It is all Greek to me. It may actually BE Greek.

The women speak. Not Greek.

“So here you are again, yet again with all the same complaints/commands/commitments/confusions/consanguinity.”

I nod.

“It seems to me you had plenty of warnings. Did you think they were ALL mistaken/misunderstood/misinformed/misdemeanors/Miss Congeniality?”

I shake my head.

“They were always quite direct with you. even you must admit that. Their honesty is not under question here, rather your realism/reality/realty/responsibility/reason for living.”

I nod slowly.

“We are all agreed that you really must be quite out of your mind/out of the box/out of the park/out of luck/out of bounds/out of africa/out for no good.”

I shake my head firmly.

The women stand.

“If you refuse to be helped, then we cannot help you. This is all your own fault, no good whinging any longer. You really are quite incorrigible/incredible/incorrect/insignificant/inconsequential/insatiable/in over your head/in a month of sundays.”

I stand too…and I am in the waiting room again…the voice is droning numbers again.

I look down at my palm, where a different number is bleeding.

I sit and wait as the numbers go past. Doors line the walls into the darkness, like closed mouths.


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