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I have long been an admirer of Draconic Lioncourt, the designer behind Draconic Kiss. She is, in my never truly humble opinion, one of the finest gothic designers in SL. Her ability to blend dark humor and macabre grandeur with a smooth dose of sex appeal are always on display in her work. Her many EGL dresses and her recent Poelitas line come to mind as the finest examples of these traits.

A few months ago Miss Lioncourt finally ventured into menswear with her Masque of the Red Death suit (reviewed by yours truly HERE). I am very pleased to report that the promise shown in that design has begun to flower (black lilies though they may be) in three suits she has crafted exclusively for the Rezzable Crimson Shadow Sim.

Crimsons Shadow is the gothic flavor offered by the currently ubiquitous Rezzable group of Sims. It certainly is filled with a good deal of dark eye candy, but I didn’t really see much in the design or the build that isn’t a pastiche of dozens of others Goth/Vampire/Horror Sims. It appears to lack the activities of a Sim like October Country or the sheer sumptuous originality of Tusk. It is a pretty place but Crimson Shadow is nothing to write home about and each time I have visited  it has been totally deserted.

However, the nicest part of the Sim is without doubt the vendor area filled with exclusive designs from several well known goth designers. Of these, the one that caught my eye was Draconic’s contributions with three men’s suits offered only in Crimson Shadow; Gabriel, Julien and Adrien.

Gabriel (the first two illustrations from the left) seems essentially to be a re-release of Draconic’s Masque of the Red Death. The slacks, shirt and vest are apparently identical in the two designs (thought still quite well done). The long coat in Gabriel is slightly different, featuring more and differently done buttons in two rows down the front. In addition, Gabriel foregoes the high collar of Masque of the Red Death as well as the red lining inside the skirt. The texture and general design of the coat is however very close if not identical to the untrained eye. Details may be different, but the core outfits are the same.

Certainly a designer has the right to repackage their own work, and this is a fine outfit under any name, however if I had realized how similar the two were, I would not have purchased Gabriel.

The things I liked about Masque I still like about Gabriel, those being the excellent texturing and shadowing throughout, the fact that each piece is on a separate layer for versatility, the overall demeanor of the outfit and the wonderful and interesting design of the vest. My main complaint is also the same, being that when the coat is worn, the vest cannot be seen at all. I still wish there were an open jacket option that would at least let a little of the vest be glimpsed while wearing the coat. The prim skirt of the coat also tends to be a bit hoop skirtish, as all such prims tend to be. I still wish that Draconic has included a version of the lower part of the coat on the skirt layer, rather then just as a prim.

All in all, Gabriel is still a most excellent outfit, even if it is a bit like old wine in new bottles.

The middle two illustrations above show the Julien suit, which I was highly impressed with. The best features of Gabriel are still present in the wonderful rich cut and texture of the waistcoat, tie and shirt, now reversed in color with a red shirt and black waistcoat. Over these is worn a short, elegantly textured bolero style jacket with optional prim tails. The slacks are identical to those in the other two designs.

In Julien I was especially impressed with the fact that the textures of the vest and jacket were so complementary without blending together or diminishing one another and the exceptional detail work of the vest lapels. The tie is even just slightly askew which I loved very much.

This again is an outfit (as are all three of those I am featuring) that may be worn as a shirt alone, shirt and vest or shirt/vest/jacket as each are on separate levels and are of sufficient quality to stand alone.

The last two illustrations depict Adrien. The shirt from Julien appears again, now in black but with the same artfully askew tie. An equally beautiful but differently textured and cut crimson vest however ends the resemblance between the two outfits. The look is completed with a beautiful black open jacket with a short prim skirt. Gleaming black buttons adorn each open lapel, perfectly accenting the vest beneath.

The three designs clearly form a whole, being very much connected by colors, textures and most importantly vision and clarity of design. While each is distinct, they give the gothic gentleman a wonderful mix and match resource, as I intend to move shirts, vests and jackets back and forth, creating my own favorite looks using these elements.

I am thrilled to see Draconic returning to menswear design, and I hope to see still more such designs under her own Draconic Kiss label. She is too fine a designer to leave to the women alone.

Find all three of these dark and dangerous designs (as well as several of Draconic’s designs for the ladies) at Crimson Shadow,


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  1. her stuff is really great, we are so glad she is continuing to make great pieces for us!

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