Half Way Home


There is no question that the Relay for Life can sometimes seem to be a very very long road but there are lights along the way, and milestones where we can assess the worthiness of the efforts thus far and the hard work and time given to this project.

Just such a milestone was passed this weekend as the Halfway There Fair was held to commemorate the midpoint in the metaverse wide charitable appeal known as Relay for Life. All of the top teams were invited to this multi-sim festival, and of course this included our own Team Caledon.

The tastefully rezzed Caledon exhibit was devised and created with great aplomb by the beautiful Miss Kirawill Collingwood Marquessa of East Speirling, with the invaluable assistance of such luminaries as Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy, Prof. Alfonso Avalanche and Team Captain Erasmus Margulis. The area was designed to represent a typical Caledon residential scene, featuring a stately Victorian style home (containing vendors for Caledonian products benefiting RFL), noble pillars festooned with flags, a spacious lawn for dancing, an impressive tea laid out and a few typical field sports made available, such as caber tossing and ferret whomping.

While I was perusing the gracious site a steady stream of visitors, both Caledonian and otherwise, came through to admire the area. I felt it gave them all a very fair and very flattering impression of our fair nation and it’s customs.

Also of special note is the exciting news that Caledon thus far has raised over One Million, Six Hundred Thousand Linden for the cause, placing us firmly in Second Place!

Congratulations to Capt. Margulis, my own dear Kirawill, the entirety of Team Caledon and indeed all the residents of Caledon for a first class effort and exceptional results. As a person who lost one of my closest friends to cancer just a few weeks past, I know how important this cause can be.

Onward, to VICTORY!


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