Signs of Caledon


More and more these days, clear and concise communications are essential during social interaction. Often times, textual or voice chat are simply not enough to make a point, or to inform a friend of essential information.

What then shall we do?

Well, make hand gestures of course! Young men belonging to private social clubs have been using such symbols for ages, and I recently found a lexicon for such signs, as well as the versions created for individuals of a more geekish persuasion.

Why they, I thought does Caledon not have such a lexicon of essential signs? Therefore, I created one.

Therefore, the next time you are in a delicate social situation where you wish to represent, take the time to flash the following Caledon signs, my dear homie. Word.

Caledon Gang Signs

Can any of my esteemed readers suggest other worthy signs?

To see the original gang sign lexicon, click HERE.

To see the geek version, click HERE.

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  1. Oh, were that LL could improve the avatar shape to allow for animation of our hands!

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