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One of my habitual weekly pastimes is stopping by the always crowded Bare Rose Sim, to see what unannounced treasures June Dion has recently cooked up. Due to the fact that new designs from Dion (and she releases several a week) rarely make news on the Sl Forums, actually braving the lag and sorting through Bare Rose is the only way to see what is new.

My last trip, as usual, yielded a number of gems as well as a few instances of “WTF???”..but that is to be expected from a designer of Miss Dion’s proclivities and prolific nature.

The four designs I model above are (from left to right) Professor of Occultism, Homeros, Father Black and Basilisk.

Professor of Occultism is the one of the four that seems to be best suited for Caledon. It is certainly the one which has the clearest, cleanest “Victorian” styling. As is typical of Miss Dion’s designs, it is a shirt/long coat/trousers combination, the masculine counterpart to a matching feminine design. Three color choices are included in the package (black, red and blue).

PoC continues the recent trend at Bare Rose to apparently make as much of a garment out of sculpties as possible. While this can bring some interesting effects to an outfit, in my opinion they can also easily be over-relied on. I have spent far to many days looking like my body is covered in strangely colored balls as I wait for the sculpties to rez. Miss Dion’s Sculptie use tends to walk the line between worthwhile detailing and suit o’balloons. Both extremes are on display in Professor of Occultism. The sculptie which forms the collar, tie and lapels of the outfit is one of the most impressive wearable sculpties I have encountered and for me the best part of the outfit. However, less successfully there are also sculptie shoulder and forearm pieces involved in the jacket (as are becoming more and more common with many designers), which I have found are almost impossible to align and configure properly. Plus, god help us, a hat.

Another slight problem with the design is the lower portion of the jacket which tends to flare a little far out for me, making it look a bit like this Professor of Occultism is carrying his Grimoire in his back pocket.

However, one of the great strength’s of Bare Rose garments is how well they mix and match, and I simply choose not to use the more extraneous prim elements (like hats..shudder). For the wonderful cut of the jacket and the brilliant collar prim alone, Professor of Occultism would be a worthy addition to any Caledonian gentleman’s closet.

The next design, Homeros, is a but of a Role Play garment, reminding me very much of a greek or roman tunic. It is a very interesting design, but intensely dependent on sculpties elements, such as the neck piece, shoulder pieces and the skirt/belt combination. In this outfit, I found that the skirt needed a great deal or resizing, and still didn’t move quite right. Without the prim elements, this outfit is basically just a scoop neck tshirt and a pair of lackluster pants.

On the plus side five different colors are included in the package, and Homeros is certainly a dramatic look should you have an RP need to play a rustic boatman or roman prole.

The next outfit, Father Black, is one of my favorite designs from Bare Rose in a long time. Of course once again a lot of prim elements but in this case they work very very well, especially the wonderful mantle and cloak. In addition, this very striking outfit comes in a simple version (pictured) or a more ornate version, festooned with various religious/demon hunting equipment. For me the best element is certainly the mantle, which also comes in red. It fits the shoulders very nicely, and provides am “opera cloak” look I have sought for a long time but had never seen done really successfully before in SL. Under the cloak, the long tunic is very well done, with the detailing clear and strong without dominating the outfit. The ability to choose either a secular or clerical version is a wonderful touch, and appeases those like myself that, goth or no, try to avoid wearing crosses whenever possible.

There is no question that Father Black would come very much in handy should a lovely lady invite you for a late night supper in Winterfell, or anywhere dark and dangerous.  After all, one can never be too careful these days.

The last outfit on review today, Basilisk, is a bit too obviously photosourced for my taste. The feathery neckpiece and the intricate belt are both very well done, and the detailing and cut of the shirt is very nice, however the entire piece worn together made me feel like someone was likely to try and skin me to make a matching handbag and shoes.

In short, the snakeskin pattern became somewhat oppressive, and was so clearly taken from a photograph that it looked vaguely unnatural against my skin. I am sure many people will find this outfit very useful for role play, dating on a Gorean sim or lounge singing just about anywhere, but for me Basilisk is just a little too scaly for normal usage.

Remember, Bare Rose is one of SL’s finest sources of reasonably priced outfits, and as always, all the work of the inimitable Miss June Dion can be found in her own Sim at

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  1. A friend bought the Occult Investigator set for me about a month ago, and I must say it’s become my favorite outfit when not at work in the laboratory or the operating room. I’m quite fond of the monocle attachment on th lapel, but I must agree with you about the hat, however.

    I’ll have to take a look at the Father Black outfit…it does seem perfect for field studies in my “line of work”. It’s hard to tell from the image you’ve posted of it, but it does seem to be inspired by the costume of a certain Sorceror Supreme.

  2. If you are referring to Dr. Stephen Strange…I can see that the collar is slightly reminiscent, as are the square shoulders….however, earth’s Sorcerer Supreme classically wore a cloak with a much higher collar, a much longer drape and it was candy apple red with..well…leopard print border and hem. Clearly one of the losers on Project: Runway was moonlighting in superhero costume design.

    Now if THAT wasn’t a geeky enough reply for you, I’m here all week so try again later. Tip your waitress.

  3. Well, Bare Rose does offer an opt-in to their release group–but, as we all suffer from the too-few groups malaise, I’d suggest alternatively, finding out who amongst your friends is in the group.

    Conversely, Miss Neome is staff. So even though I’m in the group, I find out from her when the new releases are on the floor, and when release dances are held (fully one-third of my Loli dresses are from going to Bare Rose themed EGL events).

    Now, true, the dances would serve you not, but one of us, I’m sure, can keep you up to date on the male releases. Or, at the least, inundate you with annoying notecards.

    Yes, you’re welcome. :)

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