Who Watchs…?

I have mentioned at various times in this pages entertainment events that I have been looking forward to, such as the release of the film versions of Sweeney Todd, Speed Racer, etc. Yes, in some ways, I am still just a fanboy and proud of that fact. However, I must admit that all other possible films of note pale for me in the face of Watchmen.

Based on the seminal graphic novel (the only graphic novel ever to win a Hugo as best science fiction novel) by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Watchmen tells the story of a group of superheroes in a realistic world much like our own who have been destroyed by aging, realpolitik and a wide ranging conspiracy that seeks to end the world as they know it. The film, to be released next summer, is directed by Zack Snyder of 300, and has finally begun releasing some publicity shots now that primary shooting is done.

Watchmen was a very influential book for me, coming at a time when it dealt with and addressed a lot of the questions and issues I had in my life. The insecure intellectualism of Nite Owl, the cynical arrogance of Ozymandias and the behavior and foibles of The Comedian all taught me a great deal about myself and my past. The series certainly had a profound effect on me, to the point amongst my prize possessions is a complete set of the first edition as well as various publicity posters and materials from the original release.

I am really pleased with the way this film seems to be coming together, and the attention to detail that is at work here. Below I have attached some of the character shots that have been released.

I really cannot wait for this film!

The Comedian

The Comedian

Nite Owl




  1. ohhh yes, I must agree. ~Watchmen~ is an amazing work, nothing short of transformative. To anyone with a mind, I say: if you read but one graphic novel, let it be this one. Considering the skill of those behind the film, I expect it will be beautiful and disturbing and make my brain scream. Just as it should.

    I notice there are no publicity shots of Doctor Manhattan, and wonder how they will handle the naked blue guy…?

  2. Dr. Manhattan is played by Billy Crudup and from the reports I have heard he is indeed blue and bald..and mostly naked. I assume he will be in the little black bikinis he wore in the comic during the 60s and 70s.

    I have not even seen storyboard sketches involving him, so I expect the good Doctor is going to be the big reveal when marketing begins in earnest next year to comicons and geek raves. After all, “We are all living in the shadow of…Manhattan.”



    Apologies. It’s just…I have seen this film get nearly this far and fail *so* many times to date. It’s become the comic equivalent of the Flying Dutchman. Getting Mystery Men off the ground was easier than getting the Watchmen on film.

    Having publicity stills? This is one step closer than we’ve ever gotten. So I’m insanely excited.

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